Odebrecht proudly presents its new project “The Banker”


Odebrecht is proud to launch its newest project “The Banker”.

About “The Banker”:

Odebrecht is proud to launch its newest project “The Banker”. We plan to completely redevelop the two stately mansions which served as the former head office of “Corluy Bank”, located at the trendy Belgiëlei 153 -155 in Antwerp.

The project will contain 24 apartments, from studio’s to penthouses. The apartments will carry all the qualities of a newly built real estate project, but will still maintain the style and class of a stately mansion.

The project will take place at the Belgiëlei in Antwerp, which is an upcoming neighbourhood, booming among young and old.

More about our location:

The Belgiëlei is a TOP location where you can find the funky Fosbury & Sons around the corner; a place where the creative and the epicureans can relax and work to their heart’s content..

Also the tasteful food- and drinking concept of the Brewery De Koninck are located at an appealing distance. If there is more? Sure! You are living at a five minute cycling distance of the cosy centre of Antwerp.

Also do you have an excellent accessibility by public transport. En if you’d like, you can relax at the rich green “Harmoniepark” at the end of the street.

The construction and marketing of the project will kick off in the autumn of 2017.

Click the image to go to our website or click the following link: http://www.thebanker.be/

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