Project De Capucien: 3 buildings completed, 2 buildings in process


Odebrecht has reached the following stages in the development of our project, ‘Capucien’. Currently, 3 out of the 5 buildings are completed and 2 are in the process of construction.

Building process:

Building A – Assisi:
Fully finished and completed.

Building B – Brindisi:
The building structure is in process and is almost finished.

Building C – Cappucio:
ully finished and completed.

Building D – Damiano:
Fully finished. We are currently delivering the apartments to the owners.

Building E – Emilia:
The building structure is completed and we are currently executing the interior finishing. Expected to be delivered in the summer of 2017.

Selling process:
Currently more than 85 % of the apartments have been sold.


Building A – Assisi

Building B – Brindisi

Building C – Cappucio

Building D – Damiano

Building E – Emilia





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