Private Equity

Straco Investments is ready to invest a majority stake (by preference) through equity or equity related instruments like convertible (subordinated) debt or other instruments. We especially like to encourage management shareholdership.

Our focus is to search for and invest in companies that correspond to all of the following investment criteria:

  • Simple and understandable businesses like traditional manufacturing or service companies
  • That have developed or show the potential to develop a durable competitive advantage
  • With a clear, demonstrable and sustainable earnings capacity or growth potential
  • Where the management, with proven track record and capabilities, is in place or can be provided
  • With preferably high returns
  • Based in Belgium, The Netherlands, The UK, Luxembourg, France or Germany
  • With a clear offering price

Straco Investments offers to its investment holdings or participations:

  • A family owned holding structure that ensures long term independency
  • A long term investment horizon with a value investment philosophy
  • Active involvement in board of directors
  • A lean and efficient structure
  • Active support and professional nourishment in strategic decision making and capital allocation
  • Hands-on involvement in the holding companies or participations

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