About us

Straco is an independent Belgian investment group active in real estate project development, real estate investments and private equity.

We currently operate in the Benelux, UK, France, Germany and Poland, but are always looking for global opportunities in various industries.

We stand for long term sustainable investing in understandable business with an entrepreneurial touch.

Long-term development

We have always invested our funds with attention to capital preservation. This will remain the major goal in the future and we will continue to focus on durable long-term development instead of short term returns.


We believe it’s crucial to invest in companies or projects with a transparent product and/or service offering. The investments must exhibit a stable growth in earnings or have sustainable growth potential.

Value Creation

Our commitment to add value to our investments is based on a combination of meticulous analysis and our managers who have a proven track record. From an entrepreneurial point of view, we add value to each company we acquire by searching for synergies through cooperation with other companies, bringing in external expertise and improving efficiency.